Monday, December 14, 2009

Almost there!

It's so true when people say: "Enjoy your pregnancy, it'll go by quickly". I didn't believe any of these during my first trimester. With everything I was feeling, ( morning sickness, bloatedness, nausea, food aversion, fatigue, etc ) in my head, what's there to enjoy? I felt like crap the first few months and all I wanted to do is be in bed. Efrain tried to get me out of the house but nothing sounded appealing to me. I was also too lazy to do anything - besides, my clothes didn't fit anymore but I was not in the mood to shop for new ones. I hated going to the mall. Restaurants turned me off too! I couldn't enjoy anything I ordered; the taste and smell of food were a torture! But diners and IHOPs are my bestfriends as I'm a waffle-lover. Once-a-waffle-lover-always-a-waffle-lover ! =) Not the case with burgers, though. You take me to a fine steakhouse, I'll order a burger, LOL! Love, love, love Burgers & Crispy Fries with lotsa ketchup. But now, I can't even look at burgers. I've totally fallen out of love. I wonder if my love for burgers will be sweeter the second time around. =)

Things are a LOT better now that I'm on my 26th week ( 6 months and 2 weeks ). The morning sickness is gone, my appetite is 100x better and my bump is no longer a bump - it's now a hump, LOL! And best of all, I can feel sweet pea move now. This is the time when I can say "I'm enjoying every minute of it". I know a few people who don't like their bellies being touched but I don't mind it at all. I love it when Efrain touches my belly in the morning and say "Good morning, sweet pea! Be good to your Mom today." and when we both say our good nights to sweet pea. This is the stage when we really started bonding with our baby.

Seeing our little one on the monitor when I went for an ultrasound was one of the most magical moments I've ever experienced with my pregnancy. It was just a tiny dot when I first went to see my OB and now, that dot is an actual baby with hands, feet, face, heart, everything! I cannot fathom the fact that hubby and I created another human being, another LIFE. I'm so grateful for the blessing. We'll be able to celebrate our first wedding anniversary with the new addition to the family - our bundle of joy!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chili's - Free Chips & Queso w/registration

Register with Chili's to be kept up to date on new menu items, promotions, and happenings and they'll send you a coupon for a free Chips & Queso for your trouble. Factor in Chili's 10 entrees for under $7, and you and your date can enjoy a nice dinner out for less than a 20 dollar bill. Offer ending unknown.